Larry Rosenberg – cousin
Larry loves to cook and his mother (my Aunty Lil) always had my family for a holiday dinner on December 26th. Larry and his family have carried on this tradition and we always look forward to see what they have made. I used to babysit Larry, when he was young and he and his family hold a special place in my heart.

Sandi White – sister
I was born on my sister’s birthday and we have bought each other the same birthday card – that’s how much we are on the same “plane”. Sandra is an excellent cook and along with my niece Julie had their own catering company. She is the only person I know that has 2 stoves, side by side

Julie White – niece
Julie is the youngest of my two nieces and loves to cook. She is also an incredible gardener and during the season she shares her incredible tomatoes, lettuces, potatoes, herbs, corn and fruit

Samantha White – niece
Samantha has her favourites that she loves to cook but often has her sister cook up some of her specialties for her to take home and feast on during the week


Bob Boettcher
Bob was born in Vancouver and we became friends when we both worked in the travel industry. Bob loves entertaining and we are often asking him for his recipes

Douglas Cucheron
Doug was born in Vernon and we became friends in 2nd year university and have remained friends ever since. We all love when Doug barbeques as he often makes lamb – a dish that we all enjoy

The author with her version of Spanish paella

The author with her version of Spanish paella

Susan Hyatt
Susan was raised and lived 29 years in the Bahamas and we became friends through the travel industry. Susan is the ultimate and consummate entertainer and has a variety of specialties both from her closeness to the Bahamas and her life in Vancouver

Sandi Lee
Sandi and I met a long time ago at Sir Wilfred Laurier – our elementary school. Sandi’s recipe is named for her late mother-in-law, Rose. Rose thought nothing of cooking for crowds of friends and family and having mah jong dinner parties in her Oakridge home. Sandi and her husband Steve have 4 grown children and 12 grandchildren and are both known for their entertaining – it comes naturally.