Do you like good food? Do you like to cook? Then you need to have “Favourite Recipes shared by Family, Friends and me. From great appetizers, to easy soups to great desserts and some recipes in between – all ready for you to try. Like Easy But Delicious Cheese Ball, Tomato Bisque and Summery Blueberry Cake.

“Why write another cookbook especially when the contributors are totally unknown?

It seems every time I tried something new or participated in a potluck or a “goodies” booth at a fair, people would ask for a recipe or the question, invariably came up, as to “how did you make that?” The same thing would occur with my family and friends so why not do it- write a cook book.

About me

Susan Snider – I was born in Vancouver and am now a resident of Mayne Island. My mother and grandmother were excellent cooks and I picked cooking up by osmosis. I spent over twenty-five years in the travel industry and got to enjoy many interesting places and dishes. Street food, whether in Hong Kong or Salzburg was a great way to try the local favourites. I must say that it was a little upsetting, in Guatemala, to one minute see a chicken running around on the dirt floor of the café and a while later eating chicken soup. I tended not to dwell on this.

Favourite Recipes

Favourite Recipes

My nieces and I have a myriad of food sensitivities and allergies and because of this I now cook from scratch so I know exactly what it is I am eating and serving. I have catered and enjoy entertaining and one day, woke up and decided to put some of my favourite and requested recipes on paper. Some recipes are incredibly easy, others take a little more effort. I hope that you get as much pleasure out of these dishes as me, my family and my friends have.